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The correct care of the mattress is often directly related to their cleaning. Thus, with proper care, some soiling can be prevented and mattress durability extended.

Turning the mattress

In order to ensure even wear of the mattress, the mattress should be regularly rotated and turned. It should be noted, of course, that there are mattresses that can only be used from one side – here, the mattress should then only rotated by 180 ° and not turned.

A cotton futon should be placed, loosened and tapped every day. In addition, it should be turned every week.

Aids for mattress cleaning

A highly recommended tool for properly cleaning the mattress is a soft brush. With the brush, you can brush the mattress surface regularly. In addition, the brush can do a good job of stain removal, for example, if the mattress has a firm cover made of durable drell; it is no problem to gently treat stains in the fabric with the brush.

Even if there are still people who use the carpet beater when cleaning your mattress, this cleaning utensil is conceivably unsuitable and should not be used. Apart from the fact that the cleaning effect is questionable, the use of the carpet rug may also cause the result that cushion layers shift in the mattress or it comes to the detachment of fibers from the fine pad of the mattress.

Very popular with the mattress cleaning is the vacuum cleaner. However, the use of the vacuum cleaner can have a negative effect on the upholstery of the mattress (for example, hardening caused by displaced fillings) or lead to damage to the cover (leaching, nodule formation). If you want to use your vacuum cleaner, you should put on a special upholstery nozzle and vacuum the mattress surface with reduced power.

Additional protection and more hygiene

The use of a regular bed sheet or fitted sheet for the basic protection of the mattress and usually also for visual reasons is natural for most people. The exception is the box spring beds, where the mattresses often have decorative fabric or imitation leather on the sides, resulting in a harmonious and harmonious overall appearance. Since here on the mattress then usually still a thin topper mattress rests, the mattress of the box spring bed must not be provided with a sheet. Explore through our website for the best collection of best full size mattress.